What Do Crayfish Eat?

Crayfish are freshwater crustaceans that look like miniature lobsters, often leading to them being misidentified. Although their natural habitat is…

Do fish hibernate?

Have you ever questioned what happens to fish as the cold, winter months approach? Fish are cold-blooded creatures specifically known…

Are Fish Nocturnal?

there are some fish that are nocturnal and some that aren’t (these are known as diurnal fish). There are even some fish that live at such a great depth that they have no way of determining between night and day.

can crab swim

They can both walk and swim, for a while at least. Swimming crabs (Portunids) have two sets of legs: the first set is used for walking on land, and the second set is used to help them swim underwater


Some species of crabs, such as the Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit, do eat algae. As frequent visitors to shallow water habitats such as rock pools around fishing ports, blue rock crabs are another species that consume algae

Shrimp River Tank

Shrimp is one of the most common foods in the crabs’ diet. They will eat almost anything but prefer crustaceans like shrimps, lobsters, even other crabs if they can get them

Do Fish Need Light

Like most living organisms, fish need a source of light to live. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they need an…