When deciding to keep a home aquarium for the first time, there are many different options available for each product you will need. From the tank and filters to even the fish themselves – you have to do a lot of research to make sure you are getting the right equipment for you.

Otherwise, you could find yourself with a tank that is too small to house your fish or an underwater environment that is just incapable of sustaining any life. 

So how can you make sure that you are purchasing the right tank for you and the species of fish you want to keep? By going online of course! 

Liveaquaria Reviews

If you have ever considered buying your aquarium supplies from Liveaquaria, then you’re in luck, because we have compiled a full review that covers everything you need to know about this aquatic company. This way you will have all the information you need to decide whether Liveaquaria is the right choice for you and your aquarium requirements.

What is Liveaquaria?

Before we begin, let’s clarify what exactly Liveaquaria is and discuss the company and their practices in more detail. Liveaquaria is an American aquatics company that is currently located in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. The company was established in 2005 by Kevin Kohen, and it specializes in the trading and delivery of marine life for home aquarium purposes. 

The Liveaquaria company is housed within a cutting-edge marine life facility, which contains dedicated fish systems (for both marine and freshwater species), acclimation rooms, an SPS quarantine system and a state of the art coral farm. All Liveaquaria stock is cared for using patented technology, assuring that the fish and corals are maintained within well-lit and filtered environments. 

The company is now widely recognized for its high-quality aquatic life, which they only source from the most responsible and credited fish suppliers. All suppliers used by Liveaquaria must undergo the company’s extensive screening process, which assures that the supplier meets the necessary veterinary and legal standards to sell and breed marine life.

Currently, Liveaquaria supplies their fish from all over the world, with the company working with credible breeders and hatcheries across America, Europe and Asia. 

Because of their wide selection of stock and supplies, Liveaquaria has become one of the most successful and highly regarded online traders of marine life.

Beyond their main website, Liveaquaria can also be found on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – the company uses these platforms to educate people on different fish species, while also providing information on how to care for your home aquariums. 

What Does Liveaquaria Offer?

As an aquatics company, Liveaquaria boasts the largest selection of underwater life and aquarium products than any other online retailer. The company’s attention to detail and its high-quality stock has helped to make Liveaquaria one of the most popular sellers among marine life enthusiasts. 

When the company was first established by Kevin Kohen in 2005, its primary focus was the trading and distribution of marine fish and coral. However, as Liveaquaria’s popularity and success grew, the company chose to expand their stock beyond the limits of tropical fish.

Now they also trade in aquarium supplies, pond supplies, underwater plants, invertebrates and a selection of freshwater fish. The company facility was even expanded in 2016 to include seven freshwater racks, to ensure a comfortable supply of various freshwater species. 

However, beyond the company’s wide variety of stock, they have also been particularly praised for their delivery methods. Liveaquaria is an established online retail company, which means that their fish and supplies are sold and then delivered to the customer.

Whereas some online retailers send their fish through the mail without concern for the animal’s health and safety – Liveaquaria has perfected a delivery practice that is safe and stress-free. 

How Does Liveaquaria Deliver? 

When you purchase a fish from Liveaquaria, you will always be given the finest specimen of the species you have bought. Your fish will then be placed inside a thinly lined polybag, which helps to reduce the chances of tearing or leaking during transit.

The bag will contain the correct water and pH levels for your fish and will be filled with oxygen before being tied shut with a watertight seal. This bag will then be carefully placed inside a specially insulated cooler, which helps to maintain a stable temperature during the shipping process.

Liveaquaria will also accommodate the needs of different fish species, providing them with blacked-out bags if they are prone to stress. 

All living Liveaquaria stock also comes with the company’s ‘arrive alive, stay alive’ risk-free guarantee. This guarantee assures that all fish, plants and corals will be delivered in perfect health and living condition.

However, if a fish or coral passes away during transit or seven days after delivery, then the company will be happy to refund the price of the lost stock and even offer you a replacement. For your purchase to be considered viable for this option, the fish must have undergone the acclimation process. 

Of course, purchasing aquatic life online does come with some negatives, and this does include the fish not matching the company’s image or product description.

We’ve all been in a situation like this when it comes to online shopping, and it can be frustrating. However, Liveaquaria has also found a way to combat this particular complaint – with the advent of their Diver’s Den store. 

What Is Diver’s Den?

Diver’s Den is an online aquatic retailer that is owned and operated by the Liveaquaria company. Although Diver’s Den implements the same business model as Liveaquaria, the store does differ from the main company in one distinct way – Diver’s Den is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of place! 

When you log onto the Diver’s Den webpage, every image you see of the marine and freshwater fish are not representative of the species, but rather actual photos of the fish you will be purchasing. This allows you the opportunity to have a proper look at the fish and coral

you want to purchase – giving you the time to decide if the fish you want are the perfect match for you and your home aquarium. 

All Diver’s Den stock has been supplied by the Liveaquaria company, which means that every fish and coral has undergone the high-quality care that the company is known for. This means that the marine life available have been raised and contained in properly filtered and stress-free environments – assuring top-quality fish and coral that look both beautiful and healthy. 

When it comes to the delivery process, Diver’s Den uses the same packaging methods and guarantees as Liveaquaria. All aquatic life will be carefully contained in polybags before being packed away into corrugated cardboard boxes.

All Diver’s Den deliveries will be shipped from the store two days after delivery. Their products also all come with the company’s signature ‘arrive alive, stay alive’ risk-free guarantee. 

The only negative criticism that can be attributed to Diver’s Den is that their selection of aquatic life may be considered small when compared to the selection available on the main Liveaquaria website. This is because the Diver’s Den stock comes from a smaller containment area, which makes it easier to photograph and organize for the what-you-see-is-what-you-get policy. 

Is Liveaquaria Worth It?

Customer reviews for the Liveaquaria company have been primarily positive, with many hobbyists and enthusiasts citing the website as the best place to purchase aquatic life online. The company’s stress-free approach to the delivery process has also been particularly praised, as it helps to ensure the well-being and protection of the fish. 

So is Liveaquaria worth it? Well in short, yes. We understand that the notion of buying your fish and corals online may sound strange and even a bit cruel. After all, fish and coral are living creatures and the idea of taping them up in boxes and sending them through the postal service may appear a bit dangerous. But that is why we would recommend using a company like Liveaquaria for such purposes. 

Liveaquaria understands that the delivery process can be dangerous for the health and safety of your fish, and so they have created unique and patented ways to assure that your purchases remain protected during transit.

The company’s attention to detail is also commendable, as they will often change the packing process depending on the species of fish and their particular requirements. It is elements like this that help to demonstrate just how good Liveaquaria is at assuring your fish is delivered in a safe and stress-free way. 

The company’s aquatic life is also always of high quality, with the fish and corals often being beautiful and delivered in good health. The captive-bred fish are well cared for during their time at the Liveaquaria facility, being contained in well-maintained and clean environments.

The large selection of aquatic life available at Liveaquaria also makes it the ideal shopping place for aquarium keepers who feel that pet stores do not supply enough unique species. We would highly recommend Liveaquaria to any marine life enthusiast who is looking to put something more colorful and vibrant into their tank.